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It was my pleasure, I like Mr. Noodles and he is gonna be staying with me ^.^

I’m so excited about it! If you send me your friend code, I actually have something to go with him!

Mega Spoopy Shiny Pokemon Giveaway!! Halloween special!


Yup, I’m ready for my next shiny Pokemon giveaway! I love making people happy with these and so far my shiny Pokemon giveaways have been a huge success! So to celebrate Halloween, I am doing a Spoopy Shiny Pokemon giveaway special! YAY!


What Pokemon will you receive?! ALL THESE SPOOPY SHINY POKES! BOO!


Important info (Please read):
- *You will receive all Pokemon shown above! All Pokemon will be SHINY! 
- All pokemon will be at lv. 100 (except for **Pumpkaboo and **Phamptump if you want them, they will be lv. 1) 
- All pokemon will have 31 IVs and have a beneficial nature. 
- You can choose the genders! 
- Yes, you can nickname them!
- I will pick the move set, but I assure they will be decent.
- All pokemon will be holding items (I will choose what they are), but again, I assure they will be awesome ones :D

Ooooh! There seems to be two scary BONUS shiny Spoopy Pokemon you will receive!! But who are they…?! Maybe if you look closely you might see them….

* You have to choose between the pokemon that have “OR” between them. Ex: You must choose either MIsdreavus OR Mismagius; I won’t give out both. HOWEVER, if you want MIsdreavus or Dusklops, I will have it hold a dusk stone/ reaper cloth if you want!
** If you choose Pumpkaboo and Phantump, I will have them hold an Everstone so they won’t evolve during the trade! 

Rules (yes there are rules): 
- You have to like and/ or reblog this post to enter. Reblogs count more!
- You can reblog this as many times as you want, but it won’t increase your chance of winning.
- There is no entry fee!
- You don’t have to be following me to enter, but new followers are always greatly appreciated! <333
- You have to have a working copy of Pokemon X or Y and a stable wifi connection, as I will be trading the pokemon to you!

PLEASE DO NOT ENTER IF YOU OWN A POWERSAVES OR SAVE DONGLE. This giveaway is for those who don’t have access to those items and cannot get shiny pokemon as easily as someone who owns one. Please understand and be respectful about this!

The deadline is October 25th!

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